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the alt living expo


is still looking for "local groups" to showcase. Jeff (the organizer) said he would love to get some roller derby folks....

so i am forwarding this on, as i dont have local contacts anymore....

need yarn explosions, help?

i suppose its not 8exactly* derby related.. but....

i am doing a sweater for NaKniSweMo and want to do a "gunpowder" theme, so wanted a stitch pattern that had something to do with explosions or fireworks (Guy Fawkes day stuff)

any ideas?  


while obviously you should buy as much as possible from your local yarn store , your friendly bead pusher seller, and so on.. i acknowledge that there are times all of us visit the local big box craft stores.

coupon for 50% off one item, or 25% off your whole purchase from AC Moore

coupon for 40% off one item this week or two, or 50% off one item easter Sunday only from Michaels

remember that in most areas AC Moore and Michaels and Jo-Ann fabrics all accept each others coupons.

and spend the money you save with a merchant you know! (hint, hint)

new here and book

hi, i am new to roller derby, new to this group.. you get the idea.
i  decided to look on Lj for a derby related group after reading the new book "Knockdown knits" by Joan of Dark....(Toni Carr)
so yeah, the book is out... its pretty cool, although most of the knits are on the simple side.

so..... how does a knitting girl go about getting more involved in derby?

Dec. 16th, 2007

I'm thinking about making a set of legwarmers for dirtysanta with my derby team. I can't decide what to knit them out of. wool would be nice but i don't know if they would be too hot.

hand knit socks

I love knitting socks and now that I'm a derby girl I wont to knit myself some cool knee socks to skate in. With skating atleast twice a week will hand knit socks be able to hold up? Would it be worth the yarn or sould I just dig out some tubesocks and go sharpie crazy.


I just grafted my first shoulder seam!  Woo hoo!  I now feel like there is nothing I can't knit!

Hello hello!

Hi!  I just joined Livejournal for real and am looking for knitting communities and I found this and thought, sweet! Because I also rock the roller derby with Windy City Rollers.  Yay!

So....I'm working on the Bob Dobb's sweater from the Domiknitrix book and I'm confused about the back shoulder shaping.  Anyone here have any experience with this pattern?

xoxo kami

my most recent completions

right before xmas i made it my goal to do something other than a scarf. i've only been knitting for about a year or so up to this point, so finding more interesting projects was a good challenge.

after my first set of hand warmers, i got two requests for a pair. they looked like this:Collapse )

from there, i made my first attempt at cable knitting. after staring at the pattern for a while, i finally figured it out and finished these.Collapse )
i've since had two requests for a pair.

for xmas, i made a good friend of mine a seed stitch scarf. her friend loved it so much that she requested i make her a scarf and mittens. since i'd just finished learning cable, i decided to make her a cable scarf.Collapse )
i have yet to decide on mitten style/pattern/color. i've never done a complete mitten, so - new challenge.

my derby league also did a secret santa exchange around the holidays. i made my derby girl a pair of arm warmers. i don't have a pic, but here's a link to the pattern. this was my first time working with double pointed needles. i've since become addicted to them and prefer working in the round over straight needles. i made myself a pair in a glorious soft alpaca. they're wonderful to wear at practice because our practice space is a little shy on heat during the winter. the only downside is that my elbow and wrist pads stink to high heaven, so i'm a little hesitant to wear the warmers under them while skating. i had one request for a shorter pair from one of my derby girls that i did with a thicker yarn and a modification to the original pattern. no pic, but they turned out really fun and soo the person they were for. i'm currently working on a full length pair for another derby girl that color match her derby persona. sheesh i'm busy! :)


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