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my most recent completions

right before xmas i made it my goal to do something other than a scarf. i've only been knitting for about a year or so up to this point, so finding more interesting projects was a good challenge.

after my first set of hand warmers, i got two requests for a pair. they looked like this:

from there, i made my first attempt at cable knitting. after staring at the pattern for a while, i finally figured it out and finished these.

i've since had two requests for a pair.

for xmas, i made a good friend of mine a seed stitch scarf. her friend loved it so much that she requested i make her a scarf and mittens. since i'd just finished learning cable, i decided to make her a cable scarf.

i have yet to decide on mitten style/pattern/color. i've never done a complete mitten, so - new challenge.

my derby league also did a secret santa exchange around the holidays. i made my derby girl a pair of arm warmers. i don't have a pic, but here's a link to the pattern. this was my first time working with double pointed needles. i've since become addicted to them and prefer working in the round over straight needles. i made myself a pair in a glorious soft alpaca. they're wonderful to wear at practice because our practice space is a little shy on heat during the winter. the only downside is that my elbow and wrist pads stink to high heaven, so i'm a little hesitant to wear the warmers under them while skating. i had one request for a shorter pair from one of my derby girls that i did with a thicker yarn and a modification to the original pattern. no pic, but they turned out really fun and soo the person they were for. i'm currently working on a full length pair for another derby girl that color match her derby persona. sheesh i'm busy! :)


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Feb. 13th, 2007 02:21 am (UTC)
awesome! I'm a pretty new knitter myself, but I can't wait to do some derby crafts!
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